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everyone Is a healer

 Gathering of Healers is a 501 © (3) Tax Deductible Non-Profit Educational  Organization

Gathering of Healers (GOH)  provides support, training and networking for traditional and nontraditional healers through a variety of programs and events which support healing of human beings of all ages and cultures and encompasses the well being of  all life on our home, planet Earth.

Our GOH main Event will be hosted once a year on the Navajo Nation, in Window Rock, AZ at the Navajo Nation Museum. It includes a Traditional Hogan Ceremony, a variety of workshops (for adults and children), healing circles, music, including drumming.

Our programs focus on children as well as adults.

The Native American Music "Teens For Music" program  is re-introducing music into the lives of the native and nonnative children through providing musical instruments, music books, and workshops.


Explore our site to find out more about the programs and services, and how you can help!